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When you’re a professional woman, it can be a tough job juggling your family life and work. Since my workplace is a bit distant from my house, I always end up rushing to my office after dropping the kids at school in the morning. We all know how much the cell phone has become an integral part of our daily lives. In fact, even a few hours without a phone make us feel anxious, as though we’re missing something. When I’m driving my car, it is difficult for me to receive important calls while my hands are on the steering wheel and my phone is either in my bag or hiding somewhere in the car. One day, while driving, I got an important call from my office, but I was unable to answer it in time because my phone was buried deep inside my bag. In my last article I have shared  some Driving Tips to improve your safety while driving.

I was very frustrated that day because of missing that call. When I was discussing the situation with one of my friends, she suggested that I try the GripGo cell phone holder. I’d seen an advertisement on television for the GripGo, but I had never thought of using it myself. However, as I was desperately looking for a better answer to my problem, I decided to give it a try.

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What Are The Claims Made By the Manufacturers of GripGo?

GripGo is a cell phone holder created to hold any type of cell phone, as well as tablet computers and GPS devices. There is a large suction cup at one end that fixes to your car’s windshield. Since it is held firmly, your cell phone does not fall off when you are driving.

The other end of this device holds your cell phone, tablet or GPS device. It is a kind of pad that consists of tiny suction cups. These tiny suction cups hold your device very effectively so that it remains in place even when you are driving. According to the makers of this product, the pad’s tiny suction cups can hold up to 20 pounds in weight, which means that your cell phone will never fall or slip off once attached firmly to the pad.

The manufacturer claims that once your cell phone is attached to the GripGo device, you can answer your calls quickly without needing to anxiously search your bag or car for your phone. This allows you to stay in full control of your car so you can drive safely.

The suction cups also make it easy to remove the device from the pad as there is no adhesive material on it. Also, it means that there is no chance of any sticky residue making a mess on your device. GripGo is super easy to clean. Dirt can accumulate on the surface of the GripGo, making the pad lose its ability to hold onto your devices. You can easily clean the pad by running it under the faucet for a few seconds. The stream of running water will efficiently remove the dirt particles. Once thoroughly cleaned, you can dry it and use it again.

Another impressive feature of the GripGo phone holder is that it can turn your device vertically or horizontally because the pad has the ability to spin 360 degrees.

How To Use GripGo

How To Use GripGo – Easy Steps

Customer Reviews

After hearing such impressive claims by GripGo, I checked its reviews. Here are a few that I found:

“One of the best things about GripGo is the lifetime guarantee. This actually made me buy it. Any second thoughts on getting it disappeared when I saw the guarantee. But now that I’m actually using GripGo I doubt I’d ever return this product because it’s amazing. It holds my phone and tablets in place that no other mount can do plus there aren’t any adhesives or sticky residue left in my gadgets. It’s a great product and I won’t be surprised if it would top the market in the future.” – Phoebe

This customer is satisfied with GripGo as it fulfilled the promises made by its makers.

“I realized that the commercial of GripGo hands-free mount didn’t exaggerate when they said it suctions the phone or gadget and it will not get loose no matter how long the gadget is placed there. I used the free mount on the GPS and I don’t really remove it from my car. It has been there for about 2 weeks now and it’s still stronger than the first day I put the GPS there. I’m highly impressed with GripGo!”-Jojo

The review from Jojo makes it easy for me to believe all the good things claimed about GripGo in the TV advertisement.

“I never really had a problem with putting my phone in my purse when I drive because I’m fighting the temptation to use it while driving. Ever since I had a baby, I’m more careful now when I drive. However, it’s inevitable not to use it because I fear that there would be an emergency and they’d call me. I’m more paranoid now that I have a baby. So I bought GripGo to address my paranoia. I love it because I can easily access my phone now that I have the GripGo mount. And I must say I absolutely love this product because it’s one of the best I’ve tried so far. This is definitely a must have! Cherry 

I also read a few negative reviews about this product. The main complaint was that people were not really happy with its phone holding strength. After carefully reading about this product, I realized that everybody that had problems with it obviously didn’t follow the directions carefully.

Well, after reading positive reviews about GripGo, I finally made my order.

How to Buy?

I would recommend that you purchase your GripGo cell phone holder from the official website because of its ‘buy one get one free’ offer. You purchase one GripGo phone holder for $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping, and you get one GripGo free. You just need to pay the additional shipping fee of $7.95. Moreover, you will also get 2 dashboard mounts and 2 universal mounts free with your purchase. The manufacturers also offer a 100 percent purchase price guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the GripGo and get your money back within 30 days.

Should You Buy It?

GripGo works great for me. It is easy to assemble and holds my cell phone firmly. It is manufactured to ease the frustration of people who want to safely receive calls while they are driving. It is very irritating to hear your phone ringing while you are driving and you can’t risk taking your eyes off the road to find it. GripGo is useful for me because it means I don’t lose control of the car when I answer the phone, and this ensures my safety as well as that of my family. Besides, I don’t miss any important calls! I have tried many other phone holders, but they always make the back of my phone messy. With GripGo, my phone always remains clean no matter how many times I stick it to the GripGo pad.

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GripGo Opening the box

GripGo in the Box

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