GripGo VS Holdgo VS Clingo And the winner is

You have more than likely seen the GripGo phone mount review commercial and could instantly see how handy and functional it can be. However, you probably also know that there are other phone car phone mounts out there on the market and find yourself wondering if this phone holder works and how it compares to other phone mounts that are available. This review will answer both of those questions.

How Does It Work?

GripGo is a hands free mount uses a special polymer material, that grips your phone like millions of suction cups and holds it firmly in place. The TV commercial even shows the driver holding the holder out the window and trying to shake the cell phone off the GripGo pad and it holds fast keeping the cell phone safe. The mount itself simply attaches to any flat surface. Best of all if you change cars you can simply remove it and attach it to the new car.Customers state over and over again that this phone mount stops their phone from slipping around while they drive and allows them hands free calling and viewing their GPS device.

So to answer the question does GripGo work, yes it works and it works well. But how does it measure up to other phone mounts?

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GripGo vs. Clingo

GripGo Opening the box

GripGo in the Box

Clingo is considered a popular phone mount that is similar in nature to GripGo, so a side by side comparison of these two mounts will give you some idea as to whether or not GripGo measures up to the Clingo phone mount. Here is a comparison based on user reviews of these products.

  • Right out of the box both Clingo and GripGo easily attaches to your car and both seem to hold your cell phone tightly in place.
  • However, Clingo cannot hold larger cells phones and it is not designed to hold tablets and the GripGo is.
  • After months of use the Clingo starts to leave a sticky residue on the back of your cell phone and in some cases the part that holds the phone actually peels off on the back of your phone. GripGo never leaves a sticky residue and there have been no reports of the polymer material peeling at all. So even after the Clingo starts failing and can no longer hold your phone the GripGo is still going strong.

This makes it clear that the GripGo phone mount is far better than the Clingo phone mount.

GripGo vs. Holdgo

Holdgo is another phone mount that was popular at one time, however doing a side by comparison between the GripGo and the Holdgo is impossible, as there are few if any Holdgo reviews to be found. It is almost as though the holdgo never existed. Without reviews it is difficult to judge why the Holdgo did not become as popular as the GripGo, but one can only assume that this product simply did not meet consumer expectations.

How to Clean 

Clean GripGo


To be fair there are times when the GripGo phone mount no longer will hold your phone or tablet. This is because the little suction cup like grippers on the mount become dirty and simply cannot connect with the phone to grip it. However, this problem is short-lived as cleaning the GripGo will have it working as good as need. To clean this phone mount simply wash it with warm water and let it dry.

Gripgo box special offer

Arrived at home


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Customer Reviews

If you would like you can find more customer Reviews or see some Images. If you have some doubts about where to buy this product check this article.


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